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"For I am the Hunter; I bring death to the dead" - Hunter: The Reckoning, Storyteller's Companion

Connor340 is an OC from a tabletop RPG called Hunter: The Reckoning. The setting is similar to that found in the Supernatural television show. Connor has been a hunter for almost eight years, and has been on jobs more or less continuously since she started. Her specialty lies in all the things that hunt children, namely those that make their homes in the Nightmare Kingdoms. She has been known to fraternize with monsters on occasion, a trait that has made her a reviled Hunter more than once.

She has been present for the Imbuing of several Hunters, and wonders if perhaps her presence triggers the awakening of Hunter powers in others. It's not a question she cares to contemplate for too long at a time; the life she leads is not one she would wish on anyone. Because she has been there for the "turning" of several people into hunters, she has some practice in mentoring others.

Insofar as personality goes, Connor is not the most intellectual of folks, and philosophizing is not in her nature. She is, however, both relentless and methodical; law enforcement and military training are in her background, so knowledge of good procedure is utilized in her hunts, frequently. Though she occasionally tries, humor is difficult for her, and her wit is more acerbic than friendly. Paranoia is par for the course with Connor, and for good reason. More than most Hunters, Connor knows what hunts her in turn, and one day, she knows it will win. It dampens the jollies somewhat.

Mun is over 25, and I tend to write in past tense prose style. M/F preferred for smut. Any questions, feel free to message me.
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